My Disney Packing List

While I am still months away from packing my bags and jetting off to Walt Disney World, I always start my planning early so that I can begin to gather any special items that I may need.

I’ve realized over the years that no matter what lists I create or how early I start planning and organizing I always forget something.

So this time, in order to save myself the headache and extra cash, I decided to create my own Walt Disney World packing list.

So… I started off creating my own list until I realized that I was just googling other people’s lists to find new ideas. And I realized that there are hundreds of Disney packing lists out there.

So instead of reinventing the wheel, I am just going to share with you the best one that I have found.

The Essential Walt Disney World Packing List is a great resource for your vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort. This checklist includes all the essential items you need to pack for your Disney vacation. #DisneySide #DisneySMMC #DisneySMMoms


This list includes not only the essentials but also the extra’s; items that I would never have thought of. While I can’t say that I would necessarily bring ALL of this, I do think that it is pretty exhaustive (and a wee bit repetitive) and covers just about everything.

Again, I did not create this list myself. You can find the original post/author at that link below.


Is there anything not on this list that you always make sure to bring on your trip?


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